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1) What is otc mini lock?

otc mini lock is the World’s first OTC & NFC electronic lock for secure access to ATM top box.

2) What is OTC?

OTC stands for One Time Code. It is widely used at ATM safe locks or secure login to various internet portals/applications. Specifically for atm mini lock, OTC means, a code is generated to a registered and authorized field operator to access a specific ATM top box at a specfic time period. The OTC can be used only one time between the specified time interval.

3) Why should I use atm mini lock?

You can consider replacing existing cam locks at your ATMs’ top boxes with atm mini lock for two reasons. First, authorities for financial security, strongly recommends to equip ATM top boxes with secure and traceable access control systems. This is the first line defense against ATM Malware attacks. Second, atm mini lock provides great operational convenience and cost reduction. It eliminates operational management of physical keys.

4) Does it work with all ATM / SST brands and models?

Yes. atm mini lock can be installed on all ATM / SST bards and models. There are various hooks and espagnolettes available which one of them fits to your model. In case a customization is needed, our engineering team is ready to help you.

5) Our field operators do not carry an NFC smart phone. How can we use atm mini lock?

Using NFC mobile application is optional. In case you do not prefer, a customer operator may generate the necessary one time codes by using atm mini lock web application and deliver the codes to the field operators by SMS, e-mail or by calling.

6) Is atm mini lock secure?

The OTC, one time code, is one of the best known technique to let somebody open a remote lock. atm mini lock has its own and unique algorithm. Each lock has its unique lock key and the OTC generated in the system is irreversible.

7) How do I manage the locks?

There is a web application where all the locks, the hosting ATMs and field operators are registered and configured. The one time codes are generated and delived via this application. All the system activities, as well as the locks’ log data are stored in the same application. If NFC mobile use case is prefered, then a mobile Android application is provided additionally.

8) Is it possible to outsource the lock operation?

Yes, the web application supports multi-customer and multi-country lock management and banks may outsource the management of the system to a third party.

9) How long the atm mini lock installation takes?

For surface mounting, it takes around 15 minutes. For recessed mounting, there is a drilling job additionally.

10) Will it make my field operation harder and complex if I use atm mini lock?

No, IT will make your life much more easier. You will avoid the risk of unauthorized access, operational management of mechanical keys, losing time to visit the office and supply the keys before site visits, scheduling the security guard and the technician, paying SLA penalty fees due to forgotten or lost keys. You will have the flexibility to assign any field operator available and close to the ATM having an open ticket.

11) What is the battery life?

Under normal conditions the average life of battery is 10 years or 40.000 cycles. However, temperature and humidty conditions may have negative impact on the performance.

12) Can I open the door if the lock run out of battery?

Yes, the lock can be easily powered by an external battery and open the lock. Meanwhile, the lock gives warning with indicator light at last ~100 openings.


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