atm mini lock

NFC Lock with One Time Code


Better first line defense with OTC (one time code) security
Enhanced convenience with NFC mobile application
Higher service quality with lower operational costs




Manual_Use (Offline)

  • Use with any ordinary mobile phone
  • No need for NFC Phones
  • Use the Lock Management Software
  • Manually generated OTCs
  • OTC delivery by any of;
    • SMS
    • e-mail
    • phone call

Mobile Use with NFC (Online)

  • Use with Android NFC phones
  • Automated Workflow
  • Instant OTC Request by Mobile application
  • No need to key in the OTC, Just “Touch & Open”


Installation Types

  • Surface mounting
    • Utilizing existing lock hole
  • Recessed mounting

Flexible Installation

4 Optional knob positions are available depending on the ATM model

  • Knob at the bottom
  • Knob at the top
  • Knob at the left
  • Knob at the right


Multi-Vendor Solution

  • atm mini lock is a multi-vendor solution
  • It is easly installed on any brand and model of ATM or any other self service terminal

Turning Direction Options

  • Clockwise or Counter-Clockwise turning options
  • Customize the turning directions according to the left or right position



Product Specifications

Communication NFC
Working Temperature 0 – 50 ºC
IP Code IP65
Knob Durability > 45Kgf
UV Durability > 10,000h
Vibration Durability 10 – 200 Hz, 2g
Electrostatic Durability 8KV
Battery Type CR2450
Battery Life* 40.000 cycles
Dimensions (WxHxD) (34x85x27)mm
* Battery life may vary depending on the temperature, environmental conditions and battery performance.