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Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey, <bvk> technology is a leading technology provider specialized in development and production of smart, connected security devices and their web based management & monitoring applications mainly for ATMs & FIs.
Anti-skimming, anti-ATM card fraud, ATM environmental control, OTC (One Time Code) based access control solutions and multi factor authentication are the key competencies of <bvk>.
Today <bvk> solutions are marketed through an international sales network in more than 35 countries.


<bvk> facts & figures

  • <bvk> Managing an International Network of Distributors – Exports to over 35 countries
  • 3 Patents (Pending Applications)
  • 1 Utility Model Certificate (Received in 2013)
  • 13 different already registered <bvk> owned brand names
  • Owning Intellectual Property of all hardware and software products end2end : Electronic board design, firmware, embedded software development, desktop, android, web and cloud applications development. Also software development on EFTPOS Terminals.


<bvk> solutions (all developed in-house & owned end2end) are :


ATM Security Solutions

  • ase5 (anti-skimming eye), the multi-vendor security hub for ATMs
  • Overlay & inlay skimming and shimming protection (M1. M2 M3 & D1, D2, D3)
  • Skimmer detection (motorized & dip card readers)
  • Card trapping detection & protection
  • Fascia tamper detection & protection (anti-eavesdropping & anti-black box)
  • Environmental control & management through sensors and relay modules
  • Remote monitoring & control by IoTservo


otcaccess Solutions

  • otcaccess.com; a web application for One Time Code based access control systems
  • Cloud service (SaaS) or licensing options
  • Advanced OTC technology generated with a combination of person, location, lock, time period and function
  • atm mini lock: The world’s first and unique OTC & NFC lock for ATM top box access control. Can be unlocked with an Android Application
  • otcaccess for ATMs: Smart, connected OTC lock for safes and vault room doors. One control box manages access up to 3 points.
  • otcaccess – retrofit kit; an OTC lock upgrade kit for installed base of legacy electronic safe locks
  • otcaccess for Alarm Panels; Smart & connected OTC user management board compatible with any brand & model alarm panel or any door, facility access control
  • Environmental control & management through sensors and relay modules
  • Remote monitoring & control by IoTservo


Remote Monitoring and Control Systems

  • iotservo.com; a web/cloud application for remote monitoring & control of smart, connected <bvk> and other IoT devices
  • Cloud service (SaaS) or licensing options
  • Real time status, event & error monitoring
  • Remote firmware and configuration update
  • Remote device query & control
  • Alarm rules management


<bvk> safe : A Revolutionary Smart Safe Concept with Cash Deposit
BiletveKart : a Web/Cloud Based Ticket / e-Wallet System


<bvk> web sites:


16 different packaged products


ATM Security :
  • ase-ng (discontinued)
  • ase5 (recent version of ase-ng)
  • anti-shimmer
  • surface detection kit
  • fascia-tamper detector


otcaccess : 6 products
  • otcaccess web/cloud based management system
  • otcaccess for ATMs
  • otcaccess for alarm panels
  • otcaccess retrofit kit
  • otcaccess for Windows
  • atm mini lock


IoT Servo: 1 product


<bvk>safe: 3 products
  • <bvk>safe management system
  • <bvk>safe – cloud
  • <bvk>safe – EFTPOS


Bilet ve Kart: Web/Cloud based Ticket Software 1 product


<bvk>’s International Memberships:

  • ATMIA – ATM Industry Association
  • E.A.S.T – European Association for Secure Transactions
  • EAST / EGAF – Expert Group on ATM Fraud
  • IAFCI – International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators
  • ESTA – The Cash Management Companies Association
  • Alman-Türk Ticaret ve Sanayi Odası



We beleive in local and regional partnerships is the key of success in international business.

Many thanks to our existing partners. We are proud doing business with all of them.

If you are interested to become a partner, please fill in this form and you’ll be contacted immediately.

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